Writing and soccer are seemed to be uncomplimentary with each other.

But as a writer and a soccer enthusiast, I considered them a beautiful match. Because what I learned in soccer is also applicable to writing, and I could not wait to share to you the things that I learned with my favorite sport that you could also use as an inspiration in writing which I regard as my favorite hobby, aside from reading.

1. The pitch is wide

The same with your imagination. Meaning, you have ton of things to write. You don’t need to dig the deepest abyss to find a worthwhile story to share. You have your own world, own realm, own pitch.

You can do whatever pleases you. Therefore, you may write anything within your field. Imagination is the limit. But imagination does not have limitation. So, having nothing to write is not an excuse to procrastinate on writing. Look around you. Observe. Reflect. Then, get the pen and paper in your drawer to jot it down. For writing sake, you’re a writer! You must write! A soccer player runs on the field because it’s his job. To play, to live with his passion and bring cheerful moments to his audience with his work! So ,as a writer, your job is to write, write with passion and bring your masterpiece to the world!

2. Run toward the goal

If you plan to write the most brilliant novel, or a heart whelming short story, you must keep your eyes on the goal. Move the ball until you reach your goal. Always keep in mind that you need to grasp the trophy of victory and let the world know that you made it to the top!

3. Keep on running.

Once you stop running (writing), you will never taste the gratifying flavor of achievement. Once you put down the pen and leave it for a day, week or month, expect it that you’ll never win against your enemy (procrastination). Keeping on running (writing) is the key to defeat your opponent. But put it in mind that keeping on running will not guarantee your victory. Mix it with mindful playing (writing).

Don’t let yourself produce rubbish output.

4. There will always be a blockage.

In any sports, there will always be an enemy who will hinder you to reach your goal. In writing, procrastination is the toughest foe you will ever face. Followed by the evil whisper behind you head which persistently murmuring, “Your writing is bad. Stop it, jerk!” But always remember, there’s a way to beat them. Self-confidence! Trust yourself. Drill it in your mind thousand times if you doubt yourself, “I can do this!”

5. Establish connection.

You are not alone in the game of writing. There are also people who play the same game with you or better if the same match with you. To win the match, connection within your circle contributes greatly to the probability of reaching your goal. So, why not execute teamwork? The more, the merrier. The more peers you have, the more certain you will finish your novel.

6. Always listen to the expert.

We know that you can play the game. However, sometimes, you are doing it the wrong way. Why not allow your coach or mentor suggest the betterment of your play (writing)? There’s nothing wrong in getting the opinion of others. Then, absorb the best that fits you. Criticism makes you a better individual. Criticism helps you determine who you really are. Along the way, you will realize your mistakes and try your best to compensate for the damage it did to you.

7. Don’t forget to warm up.

Stretch your mind by doing some messy or dirty writing exercises. This will help you condition your mind before delving into the actual writing process. This will prevent you from getting injured during your writing match against your evil-whispering-you. It will strengthen your mind that will give you power to throw away the bad vibes brought by your self-doubt. So, don’t forget to warm-up!

8. Be honest.

Admitting that you’ve done a dirty play inside the pitch doesn’t mean that you are a bad player. This only tells that you’ve executed something that is out of norms.

In writing, don’t be shy to admit that you write a bad one. This thing will help you to write better. Don’t raise your pride, claiming that what all you’ve written are good. Nobody is perfect. Everyone can write a not so good story. So, what? Not everyone can write story. But you could. Even it is a bad, it’s an accomplishment. Admit it. Claim it. It will help you to become pro.

9. Play with passion.

Let your love of the game drive you to your goal. Keep the fire burning. Enjoy writing. Let it be your reason of happiness. Enjoy the game. Savor all the moments as you play (write). Let your heart be filled with the words you’ve written in a blank sheet of paper until you see those words come out to life. Never stop playing (writing).

10. Celebrate victory.

Beating the evil-whispering-you and able to finish your novel is really enough to toast for triumph. The writing process had finished and you won the match against procrastination. Cheers for that! Because later on, your masterpiece will be shown to the world!