It’s good to be young. Right?

I miss the moments when I was a child, so much. Running in the street with my childhood friends, Jade, Jhyt, Abegail, Everlyn, Gigi, Randolph, Joseph, Emmanuel and many more whom I forgot their names already. And also my brothers, Aldrin and Andrei.

For sure, those people I used to play with are now busy making their own lives, paving the way of their careers. I don’t know if they still remember when we stayed on the street even the sun had already set on the horizon just to play hide-and-seek in the dark.

Perhaps, the horror stories that we shared during Friday nights as we sit around and listen to each other’s tale were already becoming a blur due to numerous deadlines they need to meet in their respective jobs.

To me, those memories we made together are still clear like a crystal. Every time I revisit them, I couldn’t help myself but to smile.

How I wish I could go back to those instances for me to get rid of today’s troubling reality.  A reality overflowed with the influence of technology. A reality in which young people are void with actual communication to their society, especially with their family. A reality shaped by the hypnotic picture of mass media.

When we were students, my brothers and my friends, right after our school, we always walk straight to our home.  We didn’t stay too long in our campus because we were more excited to watch what will happen next to the battle between Son Goku and Cell in Dragonball Z. So, as we got home, my brothers, since I was the youngest, will command me to turn on the TV. We could not wait to see the new dragon controlled by Recca in Flame of Recca.  Or whether Eugene had beat Taguro in Ghost Fighter. Or did Conan solve the murder case in Detective Conan.

All of us, my brothers and I, were sitting, watching animes together. Sometimes, we ask each other in commercial breaks, “What if we have the same magical pocket just like Doraemon’s? What would you want to get from it?”

Then, my eldest brother, Andrei would say, “I want Playstation!”

My elder brother, Aldrin would answer, “I want rubber shoes!”

If it is my turn to answer, I would reply, “I want time machine!

How I hope that there’s really a time machine so that I could travel back on that moment. (*sigh*)

Aside from that bonding we had after we watched animes, we go outside and wait for our friends to arrive in our playground. There, we would talk about the episode of our favorite anime show. We would discuss whether Ippo will win his match against Mashiba in Knockout. Or whether Sakuragi will be fouled out again in their match with Ryonan.

Those were the shows that made our weekdays complete when we were teenagers.

On weekends, every eight in the morning, my siblings and I ready ourselves to witness new experiment to be demonstrated by young scientists in the educational TV program Sineskwela.

Every time we hear the entrance song…

“Bawat bata may tanong,
Ba’t ganito, bat gano’n?
Hayaang buksan ang isipan
Sa science o agham…

Tayo na sa Sineskwela
Tuklasin natin ang siyensya
Buksan ang pag-iisip
Tayo’y likas na scientist!

Tayo na sa Sineskwela
Tuklasin natin ang siyensya
Kinabukasan ng ating bayan
Siguradong makakamtan!

Sa daigdig ng agham
Tuklasin ang kaalaman
Halina’t lumipad
Sa daigdig ng isipan

Tayo na sa Sineskwela
Tuklasin natin ang siyensya
Kinabukasan ng ating bayan
Siguradong makakamtan

Kaya’t habang maaga
Mag-aral ng siyensya
Sa teknolohiya,
Ang buhay ay gaganda… ahhhh…

Tayo na sa Sineskwela
Tuklasin natin ang siyensya
Buksan ang pag-iisip
Tayo’y likas na scientist

Tayo na sa Sineskwela
Tuklasin natin ang siyensya
Kinabukasan ng ating bayan
Si-gu-ra-dong maka-kamtaaaaaan…”

…Our neurons were getting revved up, and prepared to absorb new knowledge.

After that, another educational show, Mathinik airs in TV which taught us correct arithmetic.

To inform us about heroes who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Filipino people, a history-related show, Bayani runs in television which brought us to the time in the past.

Maybe, that is why I am concerned with the nature is because of Hiraya Manawari, a TV program that displays scenarios about common issues in the environment and how to handle these.

I am grateful that I watched all of those educational shows. It taught me a lot to become an individual who values knowledge and a creature with love and care for Mother Nature.

Also during weekends, on the afternoon, after the mandatory siesta (You read that right. Siesta was mandatory that time. A law imposed by our parents. If you don’t sleep during siesta, you will not be going out the whole afternoon.) We might go outside to play with our friends or to search for tough spiders to be used in a cockfight between their species. We explore a lengthy river, a wide swamp or green rice fields just to find a strong one.

We might also wander in farms to catch for edible frogs that will be cooked as adobo and be eaten as snack on the afternoon.


I really miss those things. But indeed, memories of my childhood proves that it’s good to be young. I’m thankful that I experienced those kinds of moments before technologies conquered the youthful mind of the present generation.

How about you, “What was your childhood like?”