A Tale To Be Told

Pulling The Year That Leaves: A Year-end Review


Only hours from now is a new year to take part. New chapter, new story, new beginning. Everything will be fresh as expected.

But before the 2016 calendar will end, let’s have a short retrospective.

Have you already browsed your  mind, to revisit the memories that happened to you this year? Could you still remember the most unforgettable one? The thing that changed your life? How about the embarrassing moments?

And, have you asked yourself the following questions:

1. What I learned?

2. What I had achieved?

3. What are my failures?

4. What had changed in me?

5. What are my realizations?

6. Am I happy as this year ends?

7. Am I satisfied with my experience this year?

I just decided to write this blogpost when I realized that there’s a lot of things happened to me this year like everyone else that I want to reminisce and to keep in my memory palace. Also,  this year is somehow special for me. I met a lot of good people that really changed the way I live my life. Along with this,  there are individuals that I couldn’t get along with which tells me that no one can impress everybody. So, just walk the path without minding them.

My friends list had stretched out. I have new colleagues who I was with in times of stress, hardship and…uhmm…stress again. Work is stressful so I could not help but to let the stress get on my way. Despite of that, I have my students who serve as my stress-reliever every time they laugh at my weird jokes. At least somebody appreciate my weirdness. They are also supportive to me. Every time I publish a post, they share it if I force them to. Yeah, you read that right.IF I FORCE THEM TO.(laugh)

Sometimes, my students are also my donor of… Uhmm…stress too, especially when they always thought that they already know everything in our lesson. It lessens my chore as a teacher but my forehead could not avoid to have lines when I see my students’ scores. (sigh). But honestly, I love them because they shaped me to a person that I am now (and they also taught me how to be angry).

Aside from knowing how to be angry, I also learned to believe in the saying, “No man is an island.” That everybody needs somebody. This is to acknowledge who he is, find out his strengths and weaknesses, and use these to achieve what is he aspiring to be. Besides, traveling alone in your journey is like walking in the dark without light. Scary, difficult and lonely. Everyone needs friends or other people to guide and to remind them of their progress. Without company, you don’t have someone to consult with your track.

What I achieved? Uhmmm..having written and finished my two short novels. Perhaps this is one of the best things I had done as an aspiring author.

As a teacher…uhhmm…being able to speak in front of my students with great confidence. That’s the only thing  I could think of. (chuckle)

Some of my failures maybe that I am not proud are first, I was not able to change the mindset of my students in an issue whether grades determine what you will be in the future. I lack of encouragement and charisma maybe.

Am I happy? Definitely yes! I have a job. I have a special someone who treats me special. My parents are still alive. I can write every time creativity visits me. I have a lot of friends. I found my new interest which is PHOTOGRAPHY. In fact, I created a blog for that so I could display them and let others see them.

Another reason that I’m happy is that, I  have books to read!!! Yeeeyyy!

This coming new year all I want is to read more, write more and take more pictures!

So happy new year! Enjoy the fresh start! Greetings from me!

How about you? How did this year goes with you?