“Hey, what are we going to do in play?”

“It’s your call. You’re the leader.”

“Really? Are you leaving the decision part to me?”

“That’s why we choose you as our leader.”

“What if you would not like what I am thinking?”

“Then, we’ll vote. I’m not the only member of this group. We still have company. Remember that.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right, and I have already in my mind.”


“Since the theme is anything we consider as science fiction, we could try the dominance of other specie to human.”

“Dominance to what?”

“In anything. It’s like putting them in the human side who can think rationally. Or can do what human can do.”

“And we would be placed on their situation? Like for example, exhibitionist dogs? Which can have sex wherever our pheromones rise up?”

“Yeah, like that. But we will not be dogs. What if we use ants?”

“Which we let them prick us with their stinging bites?”

“We are thinking of being rational here.”

“Well, rationality drives human to take advantage of other species. Ants may do that same unwanted treatment to other species if they become dominant to us, or maybe worse.”

“Okay, let’s think other animals. What about mosquito?”

“Obviously, not a choice.”


“Really? Birds?”

“Why? Imagine if that will happen. What would they say to us?”

“One word.”



“No. Let’s consider they can talk like us.”

“Okay, what would they say?”

“ ‘We’ll roast you for our dinner.’ “

“Uh-huh. But I’m not interested.”

“I think that’s cool.”

“Nah. Others will laugh at us.”

“That’s inevitable.”

“Still not interested.”

“Are you the only member of our group?”


“Then, we’ll tell that to the other members, and let’s have a vote…”