“You know what, I’m thinking that teachers are not teachers anymore.”

“What made you say that?”

“It’s because learners are no longer learning.”

“Do you have to blame teachers for that?”

“Yes. It’s their job to transfer learning to students. So, it is expected from them that they will enable the children to learn.”

“But are you not considering that it’s up to the children if they want to learn?”

“That’ s why motivation is included in the teaching process. Teachers must think of relevant and interesting driving force that will urge students to learn.”

“So, that’s it. Teachers are already motivating them. Isn’t that enough struggle of teachers to say that they are doing their jobs as teachers? In fact, that’s an excessive effort made by them?”

“It’s part of their job.”

“Yeah, you made your point. But, teachers can’t force children to learn if they really don’t want to learn. They can’t press them to do what they don’t want to. Besides, children now don’t obey their parents. How much more their so-called second parents?”

“Motivating is different from forcing.”

“Obviously, it’s just a euphemism. Teachers motivate students, a good way to say that they are forcing them to learn.”

“Teachers arrive at the forcing circumstances because they are not effective.”

“A cliché, that teachers are to blame when students do not learn anything.”

“Because it’s the obvious thing. If teachers act as teachers, students will learn.”

“No. If students act as students and not as customers who have right to choose what to buy or not, they’ll learn. It’s not right to blame teachers for the failure in the learning process.”

“Woah… Okay… I got it. But maybe, I would rather say that teachers are now different. Aren’t they?”

“If that’s what you think.”

“Uh-huh. But you know what?”


“You may be a good teacher. Why won’t you try being one of them?”

“Nah… You’re wrong. I’d rather sit here than to cause trouble in the classroom.”

“Why did you say that?”

“I’ve tried teaching people before, it doesn’t work. It’s a gift, not a skill.”

“No, my friend. It’s not a gift nor skill. It’s a passion.”