“I told you not to talk to her anymore. But you still did!”

“We’re just being friends. It’s only that. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“For you there’s nothing. But on my part, that’s something!”

“Honey… Don’t think too much about it, please?”

“You could say that because you are not me. You don’t feel what I feel when I saw my boyfriend still talking with his ex.”

“We just talked. There’s nothing special with that. Talking does not mean loving her again.”

“Seeing you smiling when you talk to her tells me the other way.”

“What?! Are you hearing what are you saying? Are we still teenagers?”

“No! We are just lovers who quarrel because one of us wants to go back with his ex.”

“That’s not me. I’m just talking to my ex.”

“So, it’s me? Is that what are you trying to say?”

“I mean, that’s not true. Honey, please? Don’t be so malicious about it.”

“Now, I’m the one who has fault?”

“Oh, God! Am I talking to a judge?”

“Oh yes you are! Because you are a lawyer! A terrible liar trying to show that there’s nothing wrong with the thing that is obviously not right.”

“Okay, Your Honor. What’s the verdict, huh?”